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Parshat Bo: Light at Night

Did the Exodus from Egypt take place during the day or night? Why is parshat Bo so ambiguous regarding the timing of this seminal event in the Torah?  First, God promises to bring the plague against the first-born at around mid-night (“k’chatzot”) after which the people would leave Egypt. Then, God’s promise is fulfilled in…

Parshat Va’era: Personal and National Healing

Parshat Va’era contains numerous requests for prayer and healing, surprisingly, from Pharaoh. During the plagues, Pharaoh asks Moshe to pray to God for him. The word which Pharoah repeatedly uses is ויעתר, “to entreat.” An exploration of the various uses of this word in Tanach provides a powerful message about prayer for healing and for…

Parshat Shemot: On Crying and Redemption

What prompted the redemption from Egypt? One significant word in parshat Shemot marks the turning point from enslavement to freedom. After years of suffering, b’nei Yisrael cry out (“va-yiz’aku”) from the overwhelming burden of bondage and their cry rose up to God. Then God hears their groan and sees their suffering. What is the significance…

Parshat Vayechi: On Parenting and Shema

“Ilan, Ilan, with what shall I bless you? …May it be God’s will that all saplings which they plant from you be like you.” -Taanit 5b As parents, we often hope that our children will choose to follow the path we have chosen in life. Yet, we also want them to grow and become independent.…


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